About the project

Demographic Digest is a regular column at Demoscope Weekly which publishes (in Russian) brief summaries of fresh demographic papers from the best academic journals.

The aim of the project is to present notable demographic papers of our western colleagues to Russian speaking audience. We do not strive to cover all the results and the methodological nuances of the reviewed papers. In some reviews, the interest drives our attention to the small details that might seem insignificant to the reader, while the other reviews may seem rather sketchy. To resolve any additional questions concerning the papers covered in Digest, the reader is invited to investigate the original publications. The presented reviews are no more than just one possible way of reading the academic texts.

The archive of Demographic Digest at Demoscope Weekly

Demographic Review

Selected reviews from Demographic Digest are reprinted in Russian academic journal Demographic Review and are in open access. Below are the links to all publications of Demographic Digest in Demographic Review, in year-issue format.

    [2015-3] [2015-4]
[2016-1] [2016-2] [2016-3] [2016-4]
[2017-1] [2017-2] [2017-3]  

Participation of HSE students

Since 2016 Demographic Digest welcomes contributions from external authors. In February 2017 we launched a permanent research project for the students of National Research University Higher School of Economics using the university’s platform Project Fair. So far, there have been 5 waves of the project: one, two, three, four, five.

Here are the participated students:

Maria Vilkova
Olesya Kliushina
Anna Levina
Julia Lonshchikova
Natalia Klimenko
Anna Bezhanishvili
Danil Arakelyan
Nikita Gandzha
Sophia Akhmanayva
Irina Zamishchak
Galina Mankova
Vadim Khryukov